Med Tech Solutions has been a 2X reseller and installation consultant of 2X customers for some time now. Med Tech Solutions resently became an Advanced Partner for 2X Thin Client Computing Software. For a long time Citrix has dominated the market on thin client computing with its highly overpriced software and extremely overpriced licensing. 2X aims to bring the flexibility of published apps and PXE boot environments to small and medium businesses who can benefit from the technology without feeling the financial sting that used to accompany Citrix.

Less administration, higher security plus big savings with 2X thin client computing software

2X develops enterprise server based computing software that allows desktop virtualization and application streaming on standard PCs and thin client devices. Unlike hardware-based thin client companies, 2X is vendor independent and will not tie you in to specific hardware or operating systems.

Secure access to applications, desktops and files from anywhere
Publish applications seamless to local Win, Linux , Mac desktops
Centrally manage and administer applications updates and rights

Resource based Windows Terminal Server and CITRIX load balancing
Reconnects users to disconnected sessions
Connects clients securely, firewall friendly using SSL encryption

Vendor independent Thin Client OS & Manager for any Thin Client & PC.
Connects Thin Clients to Microsoft Terminal Services, CITRIX and Virtual Desktops
Supports HD, PXE, LAN, USB & CDROM boot for all network clients.

Centrally manage and run Linux applications on Linux, Windows and Mac
Reduce the risk of viruses & security breaches by running a Linux desktop
Eliminate fat client management and save on administration