Network Security and Firewall Appliances

Network Security is at the top of everyone's priority list these days. With the growing amounts of spam, malware, and viruses floating around the Internet it is impossible not to think about the security of your network and your data.

We have two solutions that we recommend above most of the others due to their ease of use and affordability. For our Enterprise customers we have a solutions from the award winning company, Esoft, and for our smaller customers we offer the extremely affordable and unbelievably secure product line from Checkpoint. While we do offer other solutions, such as the Cisco Pix series these two products are by far the most popular and easier to use for the end user.

ESoft is a leader in providing Simply Better Network Security™ to businesses of nearly any size.

Privately-held eSoft, based in the foothills of Broomfield, Colorado, has developed the award-winning InstaGate and ThreatWall security appliances, as well as modular software bundles called ThreatPaks that provide Email and Web security. With over 20,000 appliances shipped to more than 40 countries, eSoft is providing network security to businesses in nearly every major industry, including education, finance, retail, and healthcare.

Powered by our Distributed Intelligence Architecture™ (DIA), eSoft’s products provide deep-packet Firewall and VPN capabilities, as well as protection against the new breed of converged threats that combine spam, viruses, spyware and other malware into powerful, targeted attacks. eSoft Email and Web ThreatPaks provide comprehensive security, with simple, yet flexible, configuration settings that enable you to customize the security protection for your business needs.

An innovator in the field of network security and subscription management, eSoft holds key patents related to delivering security services via the Internet. With the largest and fastest growing malware database, combined with our 24 hour a day Threat Prevention Team, eSoft provides the most rapid threat detection and response network available.

Instagate Series Firewall Appliance
Threatwall Series Network Appliance
Checkpoint Safe@Office 500 Series

Checkpoint: Security Appliances With No Security Expert Required

By combining award winning Check Point enterprise class NGX technology with ease-of-use, flexibility, automatic updates and added-value services, SofaWare security solutions set a new standard for Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances. Leveraging Check Point's market-leading VPN-1® UTM/FireWall-1® technology with Application Intelligence, SofaWare UTM appliances allow small businesses, branch offices and home broadband users to experience the same advanced security protection enjoyed by 98% of the Fortune 500.

No Security Expert Required! Our products eliminate the need for expensive in-house security experts in a variety of ways. Through their intuitive web-based interface and remarkable ease of use your security appliance can be up and running in minutes. At the same time SofaWare UTM appliances are flexible enough to match your most demanding individual needs and are easily upgradeable, so you need not change your security appliance as your business grows!